The Preamble

I currently work at the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), embarking on exciting cybersecurity projects. Previously, I studied Physics and Mathematics at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) on an exchange stint. I have completed my Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) — you can read the reviews here! 🙂

Describe Yourself

I am a lifelong learner.

The greatest privilege in life is the ability of each of us to discover more about our world, especially one that is rapidly changing.

My Physics and Mathematics background has equipped me with analytical skills to understand how the world works, even in other fields. Much like what a good physicist does, I distill systems to its fundamentals, and build models of them incrementally, slowly deriving their full workings. The process of knowledge construction this way excites me, especially for highly complex, interdisciplinary systems where one must understand the interactions within a system from multiple perspectives.

It helps that I am excited about what life has to offer. My interests range widely, be it from socio-political commentary to science communication. As long as a topic has discussion value, I could be interested to learn about it.

I am also a teacher at heart.

Knowledge is beautiful when acquired. But if we die alongside it, no one really benefits. Knowledge must be propagated across generations. The best way to do so is to teach.

Teaching is part propagation, and part inspiration. The beauty in teaching is watching the student, or the apprentice, glow in anticipation, as the teacher slowly brings the student or apprentice through a journey of discovery. The satisfaction comes when the student or apprentice begins to infuse his or her own ideas with the knowledge and inspiration imparted to him or her, eventually beating the teacher. Then we can say the next generation has grown, and improved.

I am also a creator.

Few things bring as much joy as the making of something which others benefit from. When I was a peer tutor, I was dissatisfied with the limited question bank because there were few questions that would excite my tutees. I set a vast array of questions, which I am in the process of archiving. Someday, I may branch this website out to hosting some mathematics and science puzzles for varying ages.

I leapt at the idea of building an inaugural Capture-The-Flag environment in my company when asked to try something new. While it meant arduous late nights building challenges, the satisfaction comes in building rigorous puzzles that will serve its purpose of providing a great experience. An example of a creation can be viewed here. (Please use the Google Drive link; the torrent is outdated.)

This blog is also a creation, which I hope to see grow, and inspire others to come forth to share their knowledge.

As one observes, the three descriptions are mutually reinforcing.


Besides cybersecurity and physics, I have previously taken on writing stints at Breakfast Network (now defunct) and Five Stars and a Moon. I also have interests ranging from public policy to sport, philosophy to transport (I am an aviation fan too!). Previously, in university, I was also a science communicator, tutor and youth ambassador.

Basically, life is as exciting as we make it out to be. I prefer maximising life’s worth by engaging with its many different facets.

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