Another Year?

“So, what are your resolutions for the new year?”
“I shall think about it tomorrow, on New Year’s Day.”

Ok, now that it is New Year’s Day, now what?

First, let us perhaps take stock of some of the key resolutions. There were hits and misses.

  1. Passing the OSCP. A hit after plenty of sufferance. 🙂
  2. Cutting the reading list: to try to whittle it down to a single-digit figure: A miss. What happened was that the reading list decreased, grew and decreased. My books from the flash sale at World Scientific are only one-quarter done.
  3. Side Project A: the technical one. A half-hit. Hit because the website is part of it. A miss because it ended up spinning up far more side projects than I imagined (partially because I enjoyed it too much).
  4. Side Project B: The “writing project”. A hit, because it was started.
  5. Friend and social group connections: A half-hit. Hit because I actually managed to get in touch with a good number of people. A miss because some consolidation efforts are too slow. People are too busy, after all.

This year’s resolutions will be quite simple. Actually there are quite a few, and many of them are technical.

  1. Side Project A (REVISED): To make this site useful. This side project was born out of two main reasons: my like for writing and my like for technology. This site has seen changes in ideas, and has had aborted take-offs due to silly ideas that became obvious only during implementation. In some sense, this site will always have changing objectives. Perhaps it is to take stock of what I do and what I like. Perhaps it can be more useful than just a personal stock-take. We shall see how this goes; this is very open-ended.
  2. To pick up another certification from Offensive Security. Let us see how this journey goes. More sufferance awaits, it appears. OSCE? OSWP? OSCE seems to be the classic follow-up after the OSWP, but first one must jump through a hurdle. And I wish AWAE would be out in the online domain; OffSec has been looking into this for four years but has yet to get it online! Oh dear.
  3. Side Project B (this was spun off from Side Project A): To help build up a nice penetration testing lab start-up. Recently I had some friends over at and the intent is to build up some vulnerable Windows boxes.
  4. Side Project C: To finish writing up a project and get editors working on it. If you know the project, please nag at me to continue pushing this.
  5. Strength conditioning. Enough said, to maintain physical fitness.
  6. To try (again) to cut the reading list. This is a resolution that I suspect will fail (again), but I think one has to keep trying to read for self-improvement.
  7. To consolidate friends and social groups. We must not forget the support that has brought us to where we are. Moreover, it is always enlightening speaking to friends who do different, diverse work.

I suspect I am too ambitious, but what fun is life without ambition?

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