Donavan, the Cyber Professional

About Me

I work at Thales as a senior cybersecurity consultant. My previous jobs included four good years at DSTA and a year at ITSEC Services Asia.

As an OSCE3-certified penetration tester, I lead both vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) projects. I also perform other consulting services such as threat modelling, and was responsible for building up threat & risk assessment (TRA) capabilities at ITSEC, in line with the the Cyber Security Agency (CSA)’s drive to improve the cybersecurity posture of businesses domiciled in Singapore. I have also led a team of three to create a cybersecurity card game “Defend the Breach”, that combines my knowledge of game design and mechanics, with two young but outstanding designers and engineers.

I graduated with a Physics major and Mathematics minor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and was at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) on an exchange stint. I have a variety of credentials which you can find on my Linkedin profile.

Besides my formal work, I have written some open-source deliberately vulnerable machines on Vulnhub for OSCP practice, as well as am an active speaker on a variety of topics, such as career advice for my alma mater.

Side Pursuits

I write other thoughts on my scratchpad. Of late, I have also started a live stream (Very Clear Cut) together with my co-host, Leoson. Very Clear Cut is a platform where we discuss issues that concern Gen Y people like us. We have discussed on topics such as education and dreams. While dormant, I hope to find a renewed purpose for it someday.


To me, my identity goes beyond work. I take interest in different social causes, since life is not only about tech, but about human connections.

As someone who believes in an inclusive society where everyone can be useful, I support movements such as the Purple Parade.

I (2nd from left) marched alongside people with conditions that results in stereotypes and needless judgement. We want to show that there exists “ability” in each of them despite “disability”. Link:

Also, I also enjoy paying it forward to younger people. In 2019, I was invited to return to NUS Physics to partake in a panel discussion. I shared with students on my thoughts of the cybersecurity industry and promising jobs in the tech landscape.

I (4th from left) was part of a panel where alumni working outside education and research were invited to share their experiences and thoughts of the working world. Link: