Privilege of Power

Someday, the student will eventually surpass the master and the child will eventually outgrow the parents. There are many times where we are put in situations of privilege. These can include positions of power and control, or positions of responsibility. For all that leadership workshops market, there are really only a few principles that anyone […]

The “Gaijin”

Having been a visitor to Japan twice, I am still impressed by its breadth of tourist pickings and its hospitality. Just food alone, these range from the delectable yet simple delights of melons in Furano to the intricate kyo-kaiseki (Japanese traditional haute cuisine) in Kyoto. I would be greeted with the impeccable hospitality of the […]

Bad Food Habits: Killing Health in More Ways than One?

A friend recently opined that there was a case for a meat tax (particularly red) to help mitigate climate change. Taxes are imposed to discourage consumption, such as hefty taxes for smoking and alcohol consumption. If done right, taxes can be cost effective. This made me decide to go read more whether there could be […]


A few days ago, I mused on Facebook about TOUCH volunteering its people as part of our nation’s birthday. Today is a video that I personally thought was very touching. When we look at people with learning needs and disabilities, we are often shrouded by the word “disability” so much that we forget they have […]