Month: October 2019

  • 对台湾旅游的感触 (Feelings about Taiwan Travels)

    I travelled to understand the world and what the best talents could do – that was through a unique road trip through the United States. I travelled to discover just how different people can be even in close proximity – that was through train rides for city escapades in Europe. I travelled to sense, with […]

  • Eva: Probably the Most Under-rated Airline I’ve Taken

    Flight DetailsFlight: BR216 from Singapore to Taipei-TaoyuanFlight time: 4 hours 40 minutes (scheduled)Departure: slightly after 1525 hours.Arrival: approx 1945 hours. (plane caught up!) Review As a traveller who often leans for a full-service carrier instead of a budget carrier should the price differential not be great intra-Asia, I have expectations that the premium I pay […]

  • Value of our Values?

    A number of my friends had strong responses to Prof. Koh’s claim of Singapore being a “first-world country with third-world people”. It was also fairly interesting some responses online became one of blame, as opposed to constructive feedback. That has been a theme for a while in civic society, which supports Prof. Koh’s claim. Many […]