Circuit Breaker Diary: Week 2

(More mundane days are redacted.)

Monday, 13 April

The start of a new week.

The highlight today was takeaway during lunch. I went to takeaway food from a Japanese food stall and was greeted with emptiness. There were more stall employees than people ordering takeaway. How would any of these stalls survive when the relief payments dry up next month? What is everyone eating as a substitute?

Tuesday, 14 April

Another chain of online conferences. This time I think I adapted better to them. I think I did not feel as exhausted even though I ended them at 10 pm. Slight improvement.

I was glad to grace Toa Payoh Central’s TMC as TMD, especially considering this was their anniversary celebration! It was quite fun trying to be an online host, and especially when it was for a club I was not a member for. One of the old-timers even tried to challenge Toa Payoh Central TMC to do better, through me, thinking that I was a member!

Wednesday, 15 April

I recently got to know of a Brazilian friend as a result of the AWAE. Being a COVID-19 survivor, he shared some stories about Rio de Janeiro. After jumping through the imaginary language barrier (the videos were in Portuguese), I realised what it means to be in a dangerous environment. He says he wants to move to Asia in the future. 🙂 I wonder how to help him; he has got talent! Working through deserialization at the age of 22. At the age of 22 I was solving for energy levels in a 3-atom system in a linear chain.

Thursday, 16 April


Friday, 17 April

A day where I was on an audio or video conference for the whole day. How did I survive this?

After that, I did some reading and (yay) continued on the writing project after such a long while! Getting back to writing felt difficult because I needed some motivation to write something decent.

At the back of my head, I wondered how many people could truly be productive working from home. It takes discipline to transform home into an office, and work from it productively.

Saturday, 18 April

Like 8.5 million other people (at the time of writing, according to Youtube views), I watched the Phantom of the Opera. This was hauntingly beautiful. I will pay to watch the live performance, when it finally happens.

Sunday, 19 April


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