Why a Scratchpad?

A scratchpad, as the name suggests, is for one to jot down ideas that one suddenly thinks of.

Random sparks of thought evaporate into oblivion when left uncaught. Some of these sparks of thought could be useful for me to quickly develop into more cogent thinking. Some of these sparks may spark a thought in you. And other times, these may inspire others to give me a perspective that I would miss, for I am human, and each one of us contains with us some sort of bias that subconsciously arises.

Thus, I decided to make use of this opportunity for “quick writing”. While the reader should not expect a polished diamond waiting before his or her eyes, the reader should expect a raw collection of gems that await some polishing. That’s the best way to appoach a scratchpad.

Like many other people, my thoughts may be fairly unstructured in the brainstorming stage. As a result, the reader may expect me to spin many different topics. Allow me to clarify that I am often not the authority on these topics; any and all corrections for factual accuracy are welcome.