A Different Dimension of the Novel Coronavirus (nCOV) Crisis

Is nCOV the same as SARS? H1N1? Or is it something else? Depending on who one asks, and which perspective you seek, one will get different answers. The dynamic nature of a crisis is such that there are information gaps, which I will spend some time to opine on. Medical Facts First, let us lay […]

对台湾旅游的感触 (Feelings about Taiwan Travels)

I travelled to understand the world and what the best talents could do – that was through a unique road trip through the United States. I travelled to discover just how different people can be even in close proximity – that was through train rides for city escapades in Europe. I travelled to sense, with […]

Eva: Probably the Most Under-rated Airline I’ve Taken

Flight DetailsFlight: BR216 from Singapore to Taipei-TaoyuanFlight time: 4 hours 40 minutes (scheduled)Departure: slightly after 1525 hours.Arrival: approx 1945 hours. (plane caught up!) Review As a traveller who often leans for a full-service carrier instead of a budget carrier should the price differential not be great intra-Asia, I have expectations that the premium I pay […]

Privilege of Power

Someday, the student will eventually surpass the master and the child will eventually outgrow the parents. There are many times where we are put in situations of privilege. These can include positions of power and control, or positions of responsibility. For all that leadership workshops market, there are really only a few principles that anyone […]