Welcome to Digital and Cybersecure (D&C)!

This is my personal blog; I write about topics pertaining to the digital world or cybersecurity here from time to time. My views do not represent any organisation or entity except myself.

Why Digital and Cybersecure?

A world moving towards increasing use of digital technologies presents many opportunities. These often include opportunities that transcend different domains. We can no longer revert to our old ways of working. But these come with problems. Two of them are:

  1. How far off are digital predictions from actual outcomes? (Are models we build accurate? What happens if we do not build accurate models?)
  2. How can we secure what we see as an increasingly digital world?

Despite our adept use of technology, we do not understand the the “how” and “why” of technology.

Security Transformation

The security landscape transforms in tandem with the digital landscape, since relentless exploitation of digital technologies lead to new abuse methods. However, are these purely technological problems?

Human Implications

Technology never operates in silo. Our end-users are human. Yet, because technology affects humans, understanding the benefits and hazards of technology are important.

Let us illustrate this through an example. Suppose you parent a child and would like to educate your child with nursery rhymes. Because your English may not be good, you use Youtube videos to educate your child. However, would you rely on Youtube to recommend videos it perceives as educational?

The factors that drive how we make technology decisions are human-driven. In cybersecurity, we worry that users’ data get stolen (confidentiality), malformed (integrity) or are rendered unavailable (availability). The “CIA” triad pointed out here is but a key principle in cybersecurity.

Where Do I Stand?

There is almost no “monopolist” on technology today, but I hope to write my thoughts in the hope a reader benefits from them Take this blog as a blog where I think about anything “digital” or “cybersecurity”.