Cyber 101 with Bitcrafts!

Is cybersecurity merely only for technically gifted people? Well, not quite. With the advent of the digital world (think Smart Nation), there has been an increasing need for cyber literacy and awareness. Yet, there exists a gap between cyber professionals and laypeople in terms of cyber awareness and literacy. Hence, one short way of addressing such a gap is to do some volunteer work and conduct a cyber 101 course!

Showing “Have I Been Pwned“. Free check on whether you are a victim of a data breach!

Cyber 101 is not simply about remembering policy and guidelines. This time, I tried to do cyber 101 with some hands-on examples. These include open-source checks on data breaches (through haveibeenpwned), finding of devices through Shodan and some idea on application permissions (using the example of Facebook).

Notes for the cyber 101 course can be found here. (Note: The IP addresses have been redacted.)

Want to find out more about the community outreach initiative? There’s more than just cyber; there are also other STEM classes at very highly subsidised rates! Visit Bitcrafts for more. And maybe, I will be back for cyber 101 again, or maybe… 201. 🙂

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